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The Home's Facilities And Services
Waters View is a care home providing care and accommodation for up to fifteen older people who may also have dementia.
We offer either full time residential care or care on a respite basis, trial days are also offered when all facilities can be used including assisted bathing.
We provide 24 hour care, our service includes food, accommodation, laundry, assisted bathing and all care needs, the only things not included are hairdressing, chiropody and personal newspapers/magazines, however a hairdresser calls at the home every week and a chiropodist visits regularly and delivery of newspapers/magazines can be arranged.
Waters View has fourteen bedrooms, thirteen single and one double (premium charged if single occupancy). All rooms have en-suite facilities and are fully furnished. Residents are encouraged to bring in items of personal belongings subject to space and the items meeting safety regulations.
All rooms have individual radiator central heating with thermostatic valves to allow personal control of the rooms temperature.
Each room is individually decorated to enhance the ‘homely’ feeling.
There is both a passenger lift and stair lift to the upper floor to ensure residents have ease of free movement around the Home.
Bathrooms have seat lifts to aid accessibility to bathing, something many older people have not had the enjoyment of in years.
Catering Services
We follow a three-week menu that is reviewed so the best in local, fresh, seasonal produce can be included.
We offer a full and varied menu with choices available at all meal times and alternatives available to cater to individual likes and dislikes. Fruit and vegetables are delivered twice weekly from a local farm shop and meat is delivered from a local high quality butcher. Special diets are catered for and being a smaller home, it is easier to cater to peoples individual needs and requirements. Fresh cakes are made on a daily basis by the cooks. Meals are generally served at the table and Residents are encouraged to eat their main meal in the company of the others, but Residents can choose to eat in their room should they prefer to. Many Residents choose to have breakfast in their room.
Meal Times

• Breakfast : 7.30am – 9am (approx)
• Morning Coffee / Tea : 10am – 11am
• Lunch : 12.00pm – 12.30pm (approx)
• Afternoon Tea / Coffee : 2pm – 2.30pm
• Tea : 5pm – 6pm

Drinks and snacks are available throughout the day, evening and night, as requested.
Relatives are welcome to dine with you for a small charge, providing sufficient notice is given to the kitchen staff. Birthdays and special occasions are celebrated with a 'bit of a do' party.
We operate an open visiting policy, your friends and family are welcome to visit at any (reasonable) time. Please inform staff if your visitors will be at the Home unusually early or are staying very late.
Medical Services
A doctor can be allocated to you if your own doctor cannot continue to attend to you because of your move.

Continence Advice and Management
To help with the challenge of remaining continent in older age, we have access to a Specialist Continence Nurse, who can assess your needs and give access to a full range of products to help you.

Opticians Services
Optical services are available and a local optician will call on residents at the Home if required.

A fully qualified Chiropodist visits the Home every eight weeks or so.

Dental Care
This can be arranged by a member of staff, please enquire for details.
Other Facilities
Hairdressing is available for ladies and gentlemen, please enquire about cost. Your own hairdresser may also visit you here if you wish.

Newspapers and Magazines
These can be ordered to be delivered daily. Please speak to a member of staff about your requirements.

Dry Cleaning
Dry cleaning can be arranged with the Waters View team.